Since Viking Capital was founded in 2000 we have provided only one investment service to our clients which is the personal and expert management of their asset portfolios. We do not dabble in other fields including tax planning, estate planning or insurance as we believe that such needs are best served by accountants, lawyers or other dedicated professionals. While we are more than pleased to collaborate with professionals from other fields the fact is that the proper management of asset portfolios is an all consuming obligation which, it should be said, is thoroughly enjoyable to us at Viking.

We do our own research. On every investment. In every portfolio.

At Viking we have always done our own research into the investments which we make on behalf of our clients. While this may seem an old fashioned and time consuming discipline given the current fashion of market indexing, the reality is that our proprietary research and the knowledge gained from this process is something which sets our portfolios apart. In this regard, it is been our experience that making informed investments is crucial not only to the generation of superior returns but also to the management of portfolio risk.

In addition to managing numerous discretionary portfolios, Viking currently offers clients the opportunity to invest in three pooled funds.

Viking’s first pooled fund, the Discovery Fund, has been managed by John Sartz since its inception 22 years ago. The focus of the Discovery Fund is on Canadian small cap companies, an area of the markets which has historically provided superior investment results and for which Mr. Sartz is well known. Our second pooled fund, the Core Canadian Equity Fund, invests primarily in medium and large cap Canadian companies and has also been managed by Mr. Sartz since its inception in 2004.

As a complement to the Discovery and Core funds which focus on Canadian equities, Viking offers the Global Value Fund. Managed by Jonathan Norwood since 2019, the Global Value Fund focuses on making opportunistic investments across global and U.S. equity markets for which Mr. Norwood has previously been an award winning money manager.


Viking Capital serves a select clientele which includes high net worth individuals and their families as well as corporate and institutional accounts. We view our clientele as select in that, while they may have unique situations and goals, they share a common understanding of the disciplined approach we bring to their portfolios and appreciate the benefits of our focus on making informed investments on their behalf.