At Viking we invest in the shares of well-managed companies at reasonable prices with the intention of owning them forever.

We define well managed companies as those which have a demonstrated track record of success through good times and bad. These companies have enduring businesses and management focused on growing revenues and earnings over the long term regardless of what the economy or the financial markets are doing.

By virtue of our investment approach, portfolios managed by Viking will typically be biased towards owning companies in the financial, consumer products and industrial sectors. Conversely, this means that Viking portfolios are unlikely to own investments in areas where unproven (i.e. speculative) companies tend to reside including the gold, mining and technology sectors.

Our focus on purchasing shares which are reasonably priced means that we tend to make investments in companies at those times when they are not popular with the markets. While this has been a rewarding approach for us over the past 40 years it means that Viking clients should expect the composition of their investment portfolios will be different from the consensus views of the markets.

Furthermore, our focus on investing in well managed companies taken together with our disciplined price approach implies that Viking clients should also expect portfolio returns which are different if not markedly different from market index returns. As was alluded to in our mission section, success for our clients requires that they understand our approach to managing their portfolios, a large part of which is knowing that Viking does not, in any way, seek to mirror the performance of any investment market.